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Below you will find the different locations for our tournaments

At Femme Open the world of tennis opens up a world of possibilities. Step onto the court, feel the rush of the game and embrace your inner champion. Our tennis tournaments are where skill, strategy, and camaraderie unite in a fierce but supportive competition. Join us in pursuit of excellence as we serve unforgettable moments and foster a community that champions women in sports.

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Below you will find the different locations for
our upcoming Tennis tournaments


Join us for the thrilling Danderyd Femme Open Tennis Tournament at the Good to Great Arena in Danderyd Stockholm. We will play Double Americano, and enjoy nice goodie bags and generous prizes! Reserve your spot now ladies!

City: Danderyd
Center: Good to Great Norion Bank Arena
Date: 31/8 – 2024
Time: 15-18 (arrive by 14.30)
Cost per person: €45 per person / €90 per pair
Address Rinkebyvägen 20, 182 36 Danderyd
Homepage: Good to Great
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A B C class mixed: 36 players
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