Padel trip with Apollo

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Padel Trip with Apollo and Femme Open

Femme Open is proud to partner up with Apollo and offer a padel trip to one of their top locations.

Padel trip with Femme Open – Europe's largest women's network in sports

Welcome to a fun padel trip with the extra everything together with Femme Open! For a whole week we will focus on health and well-being at a beautiful Apollo Sports hotel where we will play padel, network, eat healthy food and enjoy other fun activities such as yoga, crossfit and swimming.

Porto Myrina in Greece

The trip goes to the beautiful Porto Myrina – powered by Playitas hotel located on Limnos in Greece. The hotel has great facilities and high quality padel courts to give you the best conditions in order to play and develop the game.

In the package you will get 2 hours of padel practice/day under the guidance of a Femme Open padel coach, who will focus on developing your technique and game on court. The week will end with a fun Femme Open tournament in which the winners will enjoy beautiful prizes from premium brands such as Clarins.

Who can come along?

Everyone who loves padel!
Regardless of whether you are an experienced padel player or have just started your padel journey, you are welcome to join this trip. Our coaches will set up the training sessions so that both experienced padel players and beginners will be able to develop their game.

Equipment - this is what you should bring with you...

    • Training clothes, several changes.
    • Comfortable shoes for padel games, morning walks and group training.
    • Padel racket
    • Swimwear


On this trip two Femme Open representatives will be present, and you will receive a beautiful Femme Open welcome package at the hotel upon arrival.  

How do I book and how much does it cost?

Booking is made via the link below.

The levels we offer



You are mastering the game at the highest level. Equivalent to match levels 6-8.



You play regularly. Considered good and has competition experience. Equivalent to match levels 5-6.



You play regularly. Little or no competition experience. Equivalent to match levels 4-5.



Padel enthusiast who has just started your journey. Equivalent to match levels 2-4.

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